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I’m Mariella Siintovaara, friends call me Ella and we live with my family in Kouvola, Finland.
Our family belongs my husband Mikko, children Ville, Henna and Noora and 4 mittelspitz, one cockerspaniel
and our 3 cats, Manu, Oho and Söpö

Manu                                                                 Oho


My life with dogs started when I was young and my first own dogs was rough collies.
My first kleinspitz Cadinan Hat Trick “Leevi” I got year 1997, first mittelspitz Heldalan Ich Bin Sauber “Sauber” in 2002,
first hovawart Damirazin Ärripurri “Ninja” in 2006 and first cockerspaniel
Dazzlingtails Exclusively Yours "Lulu" 2013

My hobby is very versatile. It includes for example, the visiting various courses, my own dogs training,
working at the ring secretary and dogshows whit my own dogs.

My breeding is small in scale and takes place at home.
My breeding priority is breed dogs who are typical of the breed, owns good health and balanced temperament.
Also appearance matters: a dog with a healthy and good structure has a better chance of trouble-free life.
Combinations which I make, I hope will provide continuation to my breeding work.

Mittelspiz classify at companion dog, but because of their temperament they are also very good working dog.
These adorable especially the small size of variety of features packed hobby –
happy temperament, a sensible energy and good health.
Those things makes that possible that you can do actually almost everything whit these dogs :)

Hovawart is an excellent home and family guardingdog. Hovawart is also excellent playmate and faithful family pet.
Hovawart’s balanced body and a strong devotion to his family make race an excellent companion,
hobby, watch, protection and rescue.

The dogs are our pets first and foremost, the family members as well and they lives whit
the family in our place and also in foster homes.
Also all puppies born and live normal domesticity whit the people and other dogs.

If you are interested, I’m happy to tell you more about my dogs so don’t hesitating to contact me!